#09 Katharina Peterwerth. Harnessing Change

Show notes

We’re born, we change, we die.

Change is the only guaranteed constant in our life, and yet, as a species, we don’t seem to like it very much. Perhaps that is why the mark of a good leader is figuring out how to benefit from it. Times are changing, expectations shifting, and those unable to adjust are floundering, while those who can figure out how to harness change only stand to gain. This is what enkelfähig provides— the ability to repeatedly and sustainably adapt and utilize these adaptations themselves to outperform competition.

In this episode, Scott speaks with Katharina Peterwerth, the Chief People and Strategy Officer at Haniel, to discuss employee engagement and the implementation of social sustainability in the workforce through further development of Haniel's group-wide operating system: the Haniel Operating Way (HOW). The enkelfähig philosophy is not only concerned with the ecological longevity of our planet — it aspires towards social sustainability and creating value for generations as well. The question of what skills and competencies are necessary for employees to navigate this mercurial new world is perhaps more pressing than ever. And what better answer is there than a model that aims to outperform its competition not simply in sustainability, but through sustainability itself?

More about enkelfähig: www.enkelfaehig.de

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