#08 Matt Smith. Crafting the right environment

Show notes

When gardeners are out in their garden, they realize that creating the right environment is the only way to give each plant the opportunity to grow. Crafting a structure within which the plant should thrive and then carefully tending to it, to ensure it does. It is that very role of a gardener that represents what a good leader should be. A leader concerned with creating an environment where employees can find both coaching and support, an equal and diverse stage for expression, and the assured safety that said expression will be respected and heard. This week Scott speaks with Matt Smith, a member of the enkelfähig Academy Team. Serving to enable the diverse, entrepreneurial, and performance-oriented culture throughout the Haniel Group, the Academy takes one of enkelfähig’s core tenants of a forward-reaching mindset and applies it to leadership and learning within the company. Enkelfähig’s very goal is to leave something better than when it was found. To provide the space for growth and improvement— one that perhaps you yourself can’t achieve but can lead others to. If doing what we’ve done will not get us to where we need to be, then we must show someone else the goal and hope they find a better way to it— that is the essence of a good leader.

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