#07 Axel Berger. Finding the path between

Show notes

There is no silver bullet, no immediate and extremely effective solution to the particularly complex problem of balancing the agility required of a company to deal with the problems of today, while simultaneously helping it along its path towards its plans and goals for the future. But enkelfähig is about engaging in a game with no end – somehow, this agile thinking and this long-term view must be brought together.

In this episode, Scott talks to Axel Berger, Senior Business Partner for Digital and Sustainability at Haniel, to discuss the inherent opportunity in sustainability, as well as the budding initiatives working to make enkelfähig real. Though the ecological decline of our world is very real and perhaps imminent, the truth is sustainability will only change the world if there is money to be earned in it. We must create momentum within portfolio companies to make them profitable with and through sustainability. Perhaps that is where the paths of thinking for today while looking to tomorrow converge. At that which is the very essence of enkelfähig’s philosophy of clear sustainability and performance criteria – in outperforming through doing good.

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