#06 Daniela Uhrmann. Diversity and its Dimensions

Show notes

There is a saying: diversity is about counting heads and inclusivity is about making heads count. There is a rising trend of token diversity – and maintaining the minimum of diverse hiring practices in order to tick a box is simply not enough.

In this week’s episode, Scott sits down with Daniela Uhrmann, the HR business partner in charge of diversity in Haniel’s HOW Team. Diversity does not only mean outperforming. In the end, of course, it is what every company strives to do. But how do we get there? It is not simply about having diverse teams and measuring how diverse we are in the sense of gender parity or the variance of races or nationalities. It is about changing the very culture surrounding the discussion of diversity— about creating an inclusive workspace that allows for all colleagues to be able to equally express themselves and their ideas.

Two heads are better than one is not just a saying, it’s the truth. The more diverse the heads, the more diverse the idea. Enkelfähig entrepreneurship is built upon the foundations of free-flowing creativity, the kind that is only enriched by a wealth of varied perspectives. In the end, creating a diverse environment is not a chore, it is an investment in a better future.

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